Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time For a Change

I was going to use the excuse of my upcoming Tin Jubilee Celebration as a reason for changing the blog yet again, but the truth is I always hated the original design and have been looking for an acceptable replacement since I first put the blog up.  Wordpress, however, has not made it easy.
The reason I hated the old blog theme—which was Bueno—was first and foremost because I couldn’t fit the title of my blog in it:

Add to that the fact that each graphic was surrounded with a clunky, gaudy boarder and that the entire look of the blog was rather stodgy, and you’ll understand why I started looking for a substitute almost immediately.
I decided to give Wordpress another try after my first disastrous attempt some years back because every blog I ever saw that I liked the look of was, without exception, a Wordpress blog.  So in June 2011 I made the switch only to find the world of Wordpress was not as benign as Blogger.  The first thing I came to realize was that a free Wordpress blog is not, in fact, free.
Any decent looking theme is a premium theme, meaning you need to buy it.  But even the free blogs come with a price tag attached.  If you find a free theme and check out the options it comes with, then switch to it, you often find that the advertized options only become available if you pay a fee.  Now, I don’t mind paying for something, but in Wordpress, you don’t actually buy anything, you merely rent it, so a $60 tag for the ability to change the colors on your blog is not something you pay for now and enjoy for the life of your blog, it is a fee that eats into your disposable income year after year.
But that’s not all; want to embed video from YouTube (something I can do in Blogger for free), then cough up another $60 a year.  Want a redirect (something I can do in Blogger for free), that will be $12 a year.  Want a blog with no ads (something you get in Blogger for free) that’s another $30 a year.  Pretty soon, especially if you have a variety of blog like I do, you’re talking real money.  Every year.
And so I finally found Coraline, a clean, simple design that is 100% free.  It should be, all it offers is black text on a white background and the ability to change the header photo.  I suspect the photo option will soon be moved into the fee area, and I’ll be hit with a $45 a year fee if I want to alter the header, but for now I’m happy.
At the very least, I am finally able to put the entire title of my blog on my blog, which I shouldn’t think is too much to ask.

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