Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reality Check: The Rise of Vanities

Just a quick post to clear up a bit of confusion that seems to be distracting some writer/publishers lately:
VANITY PRESS:Money from Author
If money goes FROM the author TO the publisher IN ANY WAY, that publisher is a VANITY PRESS.
I say this because a lot of agents and small presses and – with the Penguin Group leading the way – even mainstream publishers are scrambling for a piece of the self-publishing pie by offering “services” to would-be authors in exchange for publishing their books.  That makes them VANITY PRESSES.
Full Stop.
No Argument.
“But we offer services that will benefit the entrepreneur author in ways…”
“Ah ah ah.  Do you take money from the author in exchange for publishing their books?
“We charge for services, just like any business…”
“And an independent author can buy them, or not, from anyone and then publish their book as they see fit; but do YOU charge for these services as part of a publication package.”
“Our pricing policy is one that…”
“Ah ah ah!  Do you take money from the author in exchange for publishing their books?”
“Well, it’s not as simple as that…”
“Yes, it is.  Do you, or do you not take money from authors?”
“Okay, yes, we do.  Bu it’s…”
“No buts.  You are a VANITY PRESS.  Live with it.”
Just wanted to clear that up.

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