Monday, May 23, 2011

A Twit Too Far

I give up!

I’ve been banding my head against the wall for a week now trying to come up with some inspirational marketing plans (beyond the usual giveaways and begging people to review my book on their sites, etc; you know, all the stuff that didn’t work last time).  It should be simple: I have a product, a good one, one I believe in and truly think people will enjoy; I simply need to let the maximum number of people know about this and encourage them to make the right decision.

Piece of cake, really.

So I think, “Twitter!  That’s where all the young, hip and trendy people hang out these days.”  Trouble is, I know nothing about it.  All I know is that my book needs a Twitter account.  So I set one up and realized that was the extent of my knowledge.

So I read a book about how to be a twit, or some such thing.  I do have my own account, so I know how to tweet, but that’s as far as it goes; the idea of re-tweets, mentions, #FF (whatever that is about) and such is well beyond me.  So I read Tweeting For Morons (or whatever) and found out, not only have I been doing it all wrong, but that I cannot understand the way to do it correctly.

Retweets, I am told, are very important.  There is a retweet button in Twitter that does it automatically but only novices and morons use it; to be effective, you need to manually retweet and add a bit of your own commentary, as well.

Fair enough, but nowhere in the book does it say how to manually retweet.  I guess that knowledge is so basic it needs no explanation.  Which tells me I am clearly out of my depth.

And just as I was getting the hang of replies (so I thought) I found out that replying does not show the tweet to your list but only the person you replied to (but isn’t that a direct message?)  To show the reply to all your followers, you need to put a dot in front of the reply.  I had never heard of such a thing, so I Googled , “Put a Dot in Front of the @” and got back, “How to Make a Chinese Doll from Clothespins.”

To make matters worse, according to an actually marketing guy I happened to get into a conversation with yesterday, the bottom third of the demographic now uses youTube as their primary source of information.  So here I am slipping down the learning curve of a technology that is already yesterday’s news.

So, yeah, I give up.

Maybe I’ll see if I can figure out how to make a Facebook page, instead.

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  1. Anonymous6:32 pm

    LOL. That title "A Twit Too Far" is simply enigmatic. Instead of a bridge it's a twit! Know what I was in yahoo when I have this word twitter for my blast quote then later a day or two Tweeter the website was discovered. Then I realized my words in the net is far-reaching the ultrasound space and radio astronomy. I said to myself wth my idea is being copied then I looked up the sky and asked Karl Jansky and told him, "it's all over again."