Monday, May 16, 2011

On the Move

My, that was fast.

I received my proof copy of More Postcards From Across the Pond today, having only ordered it on Friday. It looks great, and the few issues I have with it are of my own making.

First, the margins are a bit tight, but that was me trying to mimic the formatting, and page count, of the original book. It’s not bad, but it could be a little wider. Also, despite CreateSpace’s warning not to try this, I made the cover image so that it wrapped around the spine and ended on the crease with the back cover. The original book had this, so with the idea that the same sized cover for the same sized book with the same number of pages would be the same, I went ahead with it. It nearly worked. The cover image wraps nicely around the spine but runs over onto the back just a bit. Still, not bad for a wild guess.

Pretty slick, even if I say so myself

The book is already available in the CreateSpace store but I am not going to announce it until it is on Amazon proper. Part of this is in hopes the shipping price will be better when offered for sale by third party vendors. Shipping to the UK from CreateSpace is shockingly high. For the one proof copy I was required to buy, the shipping was nearly thirty dollars! You can order a copy for $6.38 shipping, but it won’t arrive until July. For the US, $3.95 will get it to you in a week.

Just a bit of bleed over the crease,
but nothing to scream about

But all that will work itself out soon enough. For now, the book is here, it looks great and I am terrified to look inside it because I just know the first thing I will see is a huge, glaring error.

See any errors?

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