Sunday, May 08, 2011

Embracing My Shame

The Book is churning in the conversion engines of Smashwords and Kindle now. The announcement will follow soon.

While I am beginning to come to grips with the idea of self publishing—I mean, being an Indie Author—I still find myself almost apologizing when people ask about its publication. The thing is, self publishing was the territory of sub-standard authors—the timid, the talentless and those lacking in tenacity—that admitting to self publishing remains akin to admitting you are a loser.

The paradigm is shifting, however, and I am coming to accept the view that it hardly makes sense to go with the traditional route these days, but legacy of the loser hangs on.

A lot will depend on how this book does. If it outsells the professionally published book, that will be quite a victory, and maybe then I can stop feeling like I should apologize for having self published it and instead project the idea that it was the smart decision.

I do feel good about this book. The cover is professional looking, the manuscript is as refined and error-free as I can get it and, because I know humor (I’ve had several columns and wrote for radio in addition to having my first book published by a real publisher), I am comfortable that the text is up to professional standards. So this was a good book to launch my experiment with; a novel—if it comes to that—will see me back on unfamiliar territory.

But until the paradigm shifts further in the favor of indie writer, claiming you are a published author when you had to do it yourself will continue to be sound as if you are claiming to have an active sex life because you stay at home on Saturday nights to slap Mr. Johnson around. And although I can point out the fact that a publisher wanted to acquire this manuscript but I chose to publish it myself, that merely sounds like I had a bona fide date but turned it down just so I could stay at home on Saturday night to slap Mr. Johnson around.

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