Monday, March 01, 2010

Sucking Face

I suppose it’s time to stop bitching about Facebook; it doesn’t show signs of going away any time soon and, I have to admit, I’m beginning to find it useful.

Before you think I’m jumping too enthusiastically on the technology bandwagon, let me assure you I still eschew e-books and think Twitter is a waste of bandwidth. Twitter offers only a tiny part of Facebook’s most used and useful feature, but without any of the bells and whistles. It is a redundancy. It should slink away. Now.

But Facebook, despite still being beyond my understanding, is carving out a cozy corner in my heretofore cold heart. It is actually a time saver, allowing me to hit one page and find out what all my virtual acquaintances are up to in one go. That, to me, is the selling point, and why it is the page I usually hit after my Yahoo mail homepage. It doesn’t take as much time or effort as reading though blog after blog and it lets me catch up on everyone. That said, it is a lot more superficial, but these days, that is probably a bonus.

Logging on to Facebook is like wandering into the school cafeteria at lunchtime. You can see groups of people clustered around different tables, some you know, some you don’t. You can overhear snatches of conversation between your friends and friends of friends. You might even sit down and have a word with one or two of them. Then you leave, content knowing everyone is all right and having a good time and that they know that you are as well.

If, however, you’re looking to sit down over a buttered scone and a cup of tea with one of your closer friends, well then, you need to go somewhere else.

A blog, for instance, where you can ramble on for more than 140 characters, make a point, paint a scene, talk about something important to you in a meaningful way and not be forced to reduce it to, “Got dumped on Saturday. Really sucks. :(“

I was a long time coming to blogs, being happy in my Luddite world of HTML, but once I crossed over, I was hooked. Problem is, now that I am firmly settled in the blogshpere, I find they are, like, so 2008. I thought I was being hip, but I find myself, once again, sitting on the trailing edge of technology.

I just read an article claiming that e-mail will be extinct in another ten years. Seems it is being regarded as too old fashioned. The focus, the article claims, is shifting away from instantly sending a significant chunk of information directly to the person you want it delivered to and more toward broadcasting snippets of news to a wide group of people.

Texting, Facebook, Twitter—that’s what the hip young people are using these days. E-mail is, well, so, 2008.

It makes me want to crawl back to my HTML and hide,

F*&%$@G Facebook.


  1. I dont understand why people get so annoyed about FB. You like it, you use dont...well, dont then. :)
    I use twitter because it gets more traffic to my blog, as recommended by those who know. :))) I use facebook because it helps me connect with friends all over the world, in one easy click. especally when I want to share photos, etc. BUt email is still reserved for the real, very special, friends. :)

  2. Facebook is not the type of thing I'd normally partake in, but it has become extremely useful, particularly for me as an Expat. Now you have me thinking about writing my own post to expand...

  3. Scary: Like Suzer, FB is not the type of thing I would voluntarily partake in. It was my publisher who pushed me in that direction. And Twitter. All the carping aside, FB is good because my posts link directly to it and, now that I finally found out how to block Farmville, I can see what everyone is up to.

    The thing that annoys me is this paradigm shift every 18 months. You just get settled in your nice comfy nook and then someone comes along and says, "Okay, now we're gonna strip the place, install all new, unfamiliar fixtures and rearrange everything for you. To make it better."

    And if you want to stay in your nook (i.e. keep your Internet footprint) you have to play along.

    You'll appreciate how annoying this is when you get as old as me ;)