Sunday, June 07, 2009

Road Trip

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Me and my book, "Postcards From Across the Pond," are going on tour. Virtually.

With a limited marketing budget, I've decided to travel the world using the blogs of people I don't know. I'm calling it "The Kindness of Strangers Tour" and the idea is to visit as many places as I can. Just to see where it leads me.

Now that I'm actually starting out on this journey, it's difficult to remember how the original idea came about, but it has culminated in this:

I am asking anyone who follows me, or knows of me, or my book to allow me to guest post on their blog. Wherever they happen to live, I will count as having visited and will update The Tour Page with links to their blog. Never mind that actual, earthly locations mean nothing in the blog-world; that's sort of the point.

The reason I'm relying on people to volunteer is because I briefly flirted with the idea of actually seeking out blogs and approaching likely ones with my proposal. After surfing through approximately 87,283,834 blogs, however, I discovered that most are:
A. Abandoned
B. About knitting
C. Filled with photos of the above, so many that it's a wonder the World Wide Web has not collapsed under its own weight.

So, given that, and the fact the most of the remaining blogs are, in a word, dire, and the authors of the few actual good ones (like yours, dear reader) probably don't want some stranger poking his head in and asking if he can camp there for a while, I decided it might be better to rely on spontaneous benevolence. At the very least it won't take up as much time.

My first port of call is in Cornwall; my next one could be anywhere. I'm looking forward to travelling through cyber space, meeting new people, exploring new locations—-in a virtual sense—-and posting about my adventures.

It should be fun, and I'm hoping people will catch the spirit of the adventure and join in so I don't have to quietly take down a bunch of empty pages in two months time.

Oh, and most importantly, I will continue my regular posts here. That's also the good thing about the blog-world; you can travel, and still stay home.

Hope to see you in Cornwall soon, and back here for my next post, and wherever I happen to end up after that.

Thanks for your support.


  1. Love the idea. Has a touch of the Dave Gorman's about it. Would like a trip to Manchester? (virtually, of course) e-mail me. WM

  2. Thanks! You're on The Tour list.

  3. Yeap, I am in! Count scary azeri and her suburbs in!

    Let me know what/when to do.

  4. Like the concept. But a stop in the middle of the Canadian prairies probably isn't on you itinerary.

    Or is it?

  5. Rob: It could be; just let me know and I'll sign you up.

  6. Hi Mike!

    Would love to return the favour and have you guest post!

    Just let me know when you'd like to and it'd be my pleasure.