Saturday, April 11, 2009

Adult Supervision

It's a lazy Saturday afternoon; day two of a four-day weekend. My wife is out with friends and I have nothing planned. I am, however, in possession of a credit card and reside within a seven-minute walk of three different bookstores (four, if you count The Works). That is, I have discovered, a dangerous combination, especially when I am left without adult supervision.

I actually went out to buy Sarah Lyall's book, The Anglo Files, because it keeps getting such bad reviews and I want to see how she is slagging off the British and what she's said to piss them off. I was not surprised to discover the book was not in any of the stores. (I was also both gratified and disappointed to find my book on the shelves of Waterstones—it's always nice to see your book on the bookstore shelves, but why hasn't it sold out yet?)

So, I came back home with Tom Bale's Skin and Bones, Alexander McCall's Tears of the Giraffe, a steak and Stilton pasty, an Easter card and some chocolate as a surprise for my wife and a bunch of flowers, bought on a whim. But the one item I went out for, I still don't have.

Luckily, there's Amazon UK.

(NOTE: I realize this hardly constitutes a post, but nearly two weeks have passed and I wanted to stick something up here to keep you from thinking I had abandoned the site. I actually have several posts planned. The one is progress is about Writer's Block but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. How ironic is that?)


  1. You will be pleased to hear I saw some of your books on a shelf in our local bookstore and so I exclaimed to my husband "Oh Look there's that book, from that chap with a blog that I read" I was snuggly more pleased to see I had awakened some others to wonder what I was on about and your book was in their hands and being smiled at. I do hope they bought the books, I couldn't hang around long enough, as hubby has no patience!
    Don't spend too much on that card!!!
    Love Granny

  2. Granny: MY book, on a bookstore shelf? Where was this? I've only asked the Guildford and Horsham waterstones to stock it; if it's anywhere else, it would be quite a pleasant surprise! Thanks for telling me.

  3. Hi Mike

    Thanks for popping in to mine, I'm sorry I offended your eyes with the axminster!

    Just read your post about shoplifting books, off to Borders this afternoon to give it a go. No, only joking. I'll be looking out for your book - I like to read expat observations of us Brits, I've long held the belief that we are a race of peculiar island dwellers - have you been to Scary Azeri in the Suburb's blog? That's an interesting one, a Russian's view of Britian. I'm really enjoying her writing.

    Have a lovely Easter
    WM x

  4. Working Mum: You have Borders? In Manchester?

    Checked out Scary Azeri. Thanks for the tip; it is interesting to see a different epxat perspective.

  5. your affliction around bookshops is shared with my mum who is a book a holic and avid reader. Liked the sound of the steak and stilton pastry!!

  6. Jo: Terrible temptation--both the bookstores and the pasty shop ;)

  7. i find this fascinating. just read you blog and, even though we speak the same language, there was much of it i did not understand do to a language barrier as i reside in the US.

    i.e. slagging off? Tom Bales Skin and Bones? Stilton? pasty?

    makes me wonder how much of a language barrier there would be if you were in my world.

  8. Karen: As am American, I don't think there would be much of a language barrier for me in your world, unless the dialect has changed dratically in the past seven years. I do tend to forget much of my audience is from the US and I am afraid, after being in England for so long, I am beginning to speak like a native.

  9. mike, Hi, long time, etc, just in case you might be interested, I did a post 18 months ago on writer's block. Nothing you might learn from, but here's the address, anyway.

  10. Good post, Billy. And you did just what you have to do to get through writer's block: write. Keep it up.