Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tangled Up In Blue

My cover art arrived today. Color me pleased.

It's a lot bolder and in-your-face than I would have done, but then that's what's needed these days to grab people, and that's why I'm not in marketing.

This arrived right on time. I had just finished the line edits of the final proof and was well sick of the book. Now this has peaked my interest again: this is going to be a really good book.

I certainly hope so, because I don't have much else to show for 45 years of writing (I was not quite nine when I started; do the math). Granted I've had my share of funny articles in various newspapers, magazines, websites, fanzines, etc. But I have never had anything as concrete as a book.

And it has not escaped my notice that, after nearly half a century of wanting to be a novelist, I have not yet published a single word of fiction.

I suppose that will be my next goal (aside for selling more than 12 copies of this book). But that will have to wait; right now I'm too busy dealing with reality to make stuff up.


  1. Hi

    Will put you on my list now that I know you don't take yourself too seriously. Tell me, are you dyslexic or is the use of the word
    bolg intentional! Absolutely starving as I write. On a fast for a blood test tomorrow. No food, no drink is not me. Just back from Derby v Preston and would normally be tucking in plus some lager or beer. I wonder if there's a 'bolg' in there somewhere
    Your book future looks promising


  2. Thanks, Ken. And good catch on the 'bolg' thing. No, I'm not dyslexic, I'm just a crap proof reader.

  3. mike, I normally never mention these things but, ;-), since grumpy brought up the subject, I always say "If you are going to produce a 'typo' do it properly, as an emboldened and underlined title! As in 'Tanagled'.

    If you tell me that it was a deliberate play on the word tangled, then, of course, I will withdraw my ramerk. ;-)

  4. Never, never, never, never publish a post without first spell checking it!!!!

    Lesson learned ;)

  5. That looks brilliant! I love the cover.

  6. Wow Mike!
    Many congratulations!! I love the cover!! It's so eye-catching and full of the things that make London/England famous! It's a cover that is screaming out to be picked up and bought! I love it!

    Can't wait to read it and I am already planning to ask my Dad to buy it and send it to me when it's in the shops there!
    I hope it will be a huge success for you!! All the very best!

  7. Brit,
    Thanks! You may have to ask your dad to buy it from Amazon - the book may be "available" to be put in shops, but so are about 450,000 others. I plan on approching the local bookshops in person, which may get me in those, but I doubt it will on the shelves in any other stores - until it becomes a bestseller ;)

  8. Ahh o.k. thanks for telling me!
    So I will take a look on Amazon and send my Dad the link when it's available!
    And the cover already looks like a bestseller by the way! ;)

  9. I agree with you about the cover; I'm quite pleased with it. I was afraid it might be a disappointment but they did a brilliant job.