Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Writer's Groups

Lately, mostly because I'm a bit lazy and these days, I've been hanging around Writer's Sites when I should be writing.

I've always harbored a desire to belong to a writing group, but I wanted to belong to a good one, which is why I am still on my own.

The actual, real-life writer's group I tried here in Sussex was a bit sad. It was little more than a group of people who periodically came together to applaud each other's efforts and self-publish their own books. I never went back.

On-line, there are lots of places for writer's to hang out, but in digging just a bit under the surface I am finding that many of the forum members who claim to be professional writer's with published books are actually self-published as well.

Self-publishing has it's place, but a writer is not (in my opinion) a published, professional author until he is paid for his efforts. Professional means payment, end of story. If you are paying other people to publish your stuff, or if you are still trying to get other people to pay you for your stuff, then you are, my friend, engaged in a hobby.

I guess I need to stop hanging around these non-author writing sites and get back to writing.

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