Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Real Vs the Imaginary

I've been taking this writing class for three weeks now. It has taught me some valuable lessons about idea generating, how to look for markets for those ideas and and how to target the proper editors at those markets. I hope, in the coming weeks, to learn about researching article ideas and slanting query letters appropriately for each market. The process follows a single article idea from inception (this was lesson #1) to querying. The thing I find curious is, I have done hours worth of work on my article so far, but have not written one single word of it.

I suppose there is a good lesson in that, as well. Writing professionally isn't all about writing. It's about marketing and promotion and contracts and all the rest of that boring business stuff.

Being an aspiring novelist is, in contrast, easy--you just write, every day, and keep writing until you make the manuscript into the best book it can be. This takes enough time to keep the business end of things at bay for, well, in my case, 40 years.

Back to work.

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