Thursday, August 10, 2006


My internet class started this week. So far, it hasn't made me that much more busy but I have had to think about the lesson, which took time away from other things I am trying to get done.

I thought it would be a good idea to try to encourage more traffic to my web site, so I started going back to some ExPat boards I used to lurk at when I first moved to England, and I'm surfing some ExPat blogs to see if I can find any worth linking to and posting comments on. It's incredible how much time this takes! I have to wonder about those freelance writers who juggle all those blog-pals and seem to post comments everywhere, then I have to remind myself that they have NINE EXTRA HOURS in the day that I don't have.

Of note: while posting to these blog/forums and linking to my web site in my profiles, I happened to notice that the huge, front page banner on my website has had 'Britain' misspelled since I first put it up in November of 2003. I'm not surprised I didn't notice, but you'd think someone else would have written in to complain.

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