Thursday, July 13, 2006

With Friends Like That . . .

I was going to do a regular post this morning but got waylaid by Joe Konrath's blog. Again.

MJ Rose is doing her own version of the Rusty Nail 500 but in a manner not quite as insane. She's doing it on the virtual highway of the Internet, trying to get 500 blogs to link to her site and her new book's site, The Venus Fix at myspace.

She's donating $5 to charity for every link, so it's for a worthy cause (although that's only £2.50 in REAL money).

Unfortunately, the rules say, "Please send permalink to to be counted"

Permalink? WTF???? I'll have to do a bit more research on this, but right now I have to run for the bus.

Also, she may be safe at home instead of out in the wilds of America, like Joe, but she still better watch her back. When I visited the site, her "MySpace friends" consisted of a young lady dressed in black draped over a sofa who wanted to be naughty AND nice, a guy from Oregon who apparently likes to pose naked in front of his webcam and a few other ladies with humongous boobs.

MySpace, virtual trailer trash.

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