Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blog? What Blog?

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

I seem to have forgotten that for a while; I was too busy writing, and updating my REAL website, and reminding myself that no one reads this anyway so it doesn't really matter. But here I am again, sneaking in a few updates at once.

You might ask yourself (or, more to the point, I might ask myself) "Why does a guy with a private journal, continually updated website and a novel on the go need a blog anyway?" The answer, of course, is: he doesn't. This blog has been little more than an afterthought since I started it, something I have to remind myself to update, and a place I found I had nothing to say (can you believe that?). This was supposed to be about my journey toward publication but I didn't feel that journey was worth talking about much.

That seems to be changing now as writing is beginning to take up more and more of my life. I've managed to increase my daily productivity by over 100% and, more and more, my day revolves around writing. I even started jogging in the mornings, not because I'm out of shape and need to get fit (which I do, but that's another story) but because I felt it would help get my brain working and make me less tired. And it has.

Now I get up at 5 AM instead of lying there for 20 minutes thinking about getting. My 'run' only last 15 minutes, just enough time to get out and get the blood pumping, then I get ready for work and sit down at my computer with a cup of coffee by 5:45, or at least 6:00 ready to get on with it.

Where I really make up time, however, is on the bus ride home. I am no long so tired I can't do something productive. Even if I don't feel up to writing, I can always read my writing books.

So things are moving now and, even though I can't see any progress in the shape of a published book, progress is being made, and each day is one step closer instead of one more day of marking time.

And that's exciting, and worth writing about (besides, this helps me keep the momentum going).

I just wish blogger would allowed me to back-date some of these posts so it would look like I've been consistent with my updates instead of doing it all at once, but I can see why they don't; otherwise, people could post predictions after the event and pass themselves off as the new Yuri Geller.

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