Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Query Phase

Interesting to be out of the re-writing and polishing stage and into the query phase.

Writing the query and synopsis was a grind but now, at least, I can send it out without wondering if it could be better (although I have already thought of some tweaks for future mailings).

Postcards... is in good shape, so I don't have to worry about that, either. If (when) an agent agrees to see it, I won't have to worry about that, either. It's a good, polished manuscript; it just needs a chance.

I'm still in the early stages, sending out queries to those agents who accept them via e-mail. The advantage of that is I can be rejected on the same day that the query goes out. Modern technology; you gotta love it.

The overall best thing about this is I am no longer divided. My novel is now the only thing on the front burner and the time spent polishing Postcards... helped put Chapter Four into perspective. Time to get back to work.

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