Thursday, February 09, 2006

Real Life

Everyone's busy, but if you want to be a writer you need to make time to write. That's a fact.

My own writing schedule is fairly ambitious: up at 5 AM, check blogs, post, start working on my novel rewrite by 6 AM. Knock off at 6:45 AM and catch the bus to the office. Work on my 'Postcards . . .' manuscript from 7 AM until 8 AM. On the return trip, I have another hour to tidy up whatever I was working on in the morning, compose an article for the web site or just read. Still, on a good day (allowing for some slippage), that's two and a half hours of quality writing time, or 12 1/2 hours per work week.

So how many hours did I clock over the past seven days? Three and one quarter hours.

How did I become such a slacker?

Every day seems to provide an excuse, an emergency or (in one case) dead batteries with no backups (doh!) that conspire to keep me from writing. But that's just bollocks! If I want to finish the novel and the manuscript, I have to work on them. End of story.

The only good news is, my output for this year is more than last year, and that was more than the year before (I don't slack off all the time) and each day provides a new opportunity to hit the mark.

But not today, I've got a report due, and I need to e-mail some friends and . . .

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