Friday, February 17, 2006

Laying Bricks

I was just over at JA Konrath's blog and his most recent post was about advancing your career. He likened it to a marathon, and I think that's as good an analogy as any.

The main thrust of his post was, "what have you done today to advance your career?" That is the central question, isn't it? If you have a goal, any goal, every thing you do should be aimed at bringing you closer to it. Unfortunately, publishing a novel isn't the only goal I have, so my activities are not always as focused as they might be, especially when the realities of life get in the way.

Still, I managed to lay a few more bricks in this wall I am building.

Monday I worked on my novel. The opening of chapter four again. I have been a that thing for weeks and still can't get it right. Then, on the bus, I worked on Postcards . . . until my Dana shut down for no particular reason.

Tuesday I was on the road, but still managed a solid hour on Postcards . . . as well as some work on my next web post.

Wednesday, still on the road, I was up at 6 AM but an emergency at the office kept me busy until 9:30. After the meeting with the client I drove 5 hours and arrived home at 8 PM. I didn't write. Call me a wimp.

Thursday I drove to the office early to get some writing done before the day began but my day started the second I walked in the door. I took the bus home, however, so I managed a little time with my writing.

Today is Friday. Five days, 15 hours potential, 2.5 actual, so far.

I guess it's time to take another whack at chapter 4.

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